System Installation

Computer System Installation

Sapath Global offer computer system installation services to help clients install, set up, and maintain new or existing on-premises server and end user equipment. We can provide equipment required to bring you premises to support your staff requirement. All equipment will be from reliable global brands with standard warranty. The hardware requirement can be assessed by us through a consultation process with the client.

We also help manage cloud-based assets by configuring cloud servers and managing remote data environments. MSPs provide a range of IT services and manage them for their clients. By default, the provision and maintenance of the services usually happens remotely, which is why MSPs rarely visit a client’s office.

CCTV Installation

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer CCTV installation services to help clients install, set up, and maintain new or existing CCTV systems. They can also handle upgrades, system changes, and modification.

Before installing CCTV systems, it is important to think about data protection3. You may want to consider the following steps before installing CCTV: assess and agree on the user’s security and operational requirements; work to the highest standards for testing and commissioning; and develop a maintenance plan for video surveillance systems (CCTV).

Software Purchases

Knowing the software an organisation needs requires people knowledgeable in the industry. Most small and medium sized organizations do not have the internal skill set required to acquire and maintain specialized systems. Sapath Global will work to understand your organization need and work with the employees to get them access to software they require to lead in their field.

Hardware Purchases

Sapath Global work with internationally renowned technology hardware suppliers to supply clients with the exact inventory to support their requirement. We will act as intermediary when support issues arise to get your environment up and running quickly.

Network Installation

Installation of network cables and patching is not part of the normal skill set of most constructors. We will manage all cabling work for new and existing buildingsin order to support required positioning of hardware to support the work place or home network. We also work with our network of partners to find the most suitable products for your environment.

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